Flucas art

@Flucasart is a web3 and traditional artist from Germany, Frankfurt. The Art concentrates on the theme of Faces and society.

The Artist is constantly updating the mediums, innovations, and technologies used for his Art.

In 2020 „Flucasart,“ shifted into the NFT space, combing physical Artwork with digital ownership and blockchain certification, and creating an interactive Metaverse gallery.

In 2021 Ferdinand Lucas finished his „Face collection“, a unique 100-piece NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

On 11.04.2022, Flucas studio presented the first digital watch-face NFT ever minted on the Ethereum blockchain, compatible with Apple watches, limited to one unique token holder, and traceable ownership certification.

History was made on the 18th of April.
The Flucas Genesis NFT was sold to the highest bidder on Opensea.io. The project is nominated as the „most innovative NFT Project“ in 2022 by the European Metaverse Awards & Summit. (Sponsored by Meta, Sandbox, BGA, …)

For every NFT, one original physical print or painting exists; therefore, each NFT is unique and limited to the affiliated real-live artwork, which already gets sold on „Flucasart.com“, exhibitions all around the world, and private sales.

If you acquire the original signed physical work (PW) you get granted free access to the corresponding NFT.