Konstantin Odin

Konstantin Odin is a Berlin-born, Hamburg-based portrait and fine art photographer and visual philosopher.

In Hamburg he studied „Public Relations and Communication“, worked for agencies all over Germany and then finally became a photographer with weird ideas and a desire for light.
Today he is based with his studio in Hamburg and concentrates on

conceptional art – called visual philosophy
portrait photography
abstract art
monochrome photography

Konstantin’s works are known for their minimalist and focused style.
His work is exhibited and published internationally.
Konstantin is passionate about exploring the medium of photography. His focus is on real monochrome, yet completely digital photography, as well as playing with dynamic photography.
Konstantin is very tech-savvy, but never tech-centric.
As a result, he creates breathtaking works that inspire in terms of content, while at the same time exploiting the medium of photography.
And sometimes even expand it.

Webseite: www.konstantinodin.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/konstantinodin_com