Marco Rodriguez

Self taught digital-mixed media artist currently living in Hamburg Germany.
Growing up in North Hollywood California during the 1980’s he developed a passion for Graffiti, and contemporary art in general. Many years later ended up living in New York City where he worked in the earliest inception of mobile web/App technology. As soon as a touchscreen device fell upon his hands he began to explore ways of creating imagery without the need of any other tools but a smartphone. In this fashion there have been several series of works created, The most extensive one is called ‚VISIONES‘


Rare symmetrical & geometric images created in a variety of digital mediums spontaneously, without a planned outcome. Some pieces are created in one session, while others require several iterations – resulting in an interconnected series of unique mandalas, enigmatic abstractions, and perceptual portraits.

‚VISIONES‘ represent a unification of organic and non organic forms. A perception of all things both abstract, and definite. A vague reproduction, which is both perfect, and imperfect. A memory of a piece of reality and something inconceivable. The symmetry maintains each image as an independent object. The portrait pieces are meant to follow the same concept only to simulate themselves from within, as a type of self reflection. All objects are meant to merge, and recreate new entities.

Since late 2019 the project ‚VISIONES‘ has been introduced into several NFT platforms such as SuperRare, Terravirtua, KnownOrigin, etc.., where it has been actively collected.