urban pilgrims

Monika Zabel is a Fashion artist and designer, living in Hamburg and New York. She is creating with resources that are already available, like end of roll, overproduction, deadlock, rare finds. And uses silks, expressive flower prints and geometric textile designs, at times rare vintage materials, always using natural fabrics, fully in line with principles of circularity. to design Eco luxury. Depending on its reflection. It can seen as an artistic position or can be worn as a cherished piece of garment. Wearing it is not restricted by age or gender. In that sense urban pilgrims are fluid.

Her work is shown in Museums and Galleries internationally. Recently she exhibited on a public space – Rockefeller Center, New York – where 193 artists had their works risen on flagpoles entitled Only One Earth, and participated at Governor’s Island, NY, in Parade of the Spicies, invited by Flux Factory.

She studied Sustainable Design and Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology (FITNY), Faculty of Art and Design, and holds a PhD in Economics with focus on sustainability of Technical University Berlin.